Sr. Pastor Stephen Jarman

Pastor Steve has been with Crossroads since it originally launched in 2008. He is passionate about the Gospel and making disciples who love and obey Christ. Coming to Christ in his twenty’s, Steve walked away from a worldly lifestyle embracing the true freedom offered in a relationship with Christ. He enjoys spending time with his family, fishing, hunting, and riding his motorcycle. He maintains a simple philosophy: “if it’s in the Bible, follow it…if not, don’t get wrapped around the axle.”

Children’s Ministry Director Kristie Bozarth

Kristie has a tremendous heart for children. She and her husband Jeff have served in children’s ministry at Crossroads for several years. She works to provide a safe and secure place for children and families to experience the love of Christ.

Worship Pastor Jason Gintz

Jason has been with Crossroads since 2010 and serving as the worship pastor since 2012. Jason grew up in a family that loves and served God by traveling the country and leading worship for fellow believers. His desire is to draw others into a deeper expression of their love for God through leading them in praising Christ.

Administrative Assistant Sandi Bishop

Youth Director Kevin Steinke

If it is typical for youth pastors to be a little crazy, then Kevin is certainly a typical youth pastor! He and his wife Kelli have worked with the youth at Crossroads since 2012 and have led the youth program since 2013. They have a tremendous heart for the youth in the community and strive to intentionally grow them to understand the power of Christ in their lives.

Admin Pastor Cyril Wolff

Pastor Cyril and his wife Pam joined Crossroads in 2014. Cyril is a veteran of over 2 decades of service in the US Air Force. He is a seasoned program manager and distinguished himself in multiple high-level leadership roles. He has served on the Crossroads Elder Board; including as its chairman. He was selected in 2019 as CCF's Administrative Pastor. He is dedicated to “seeking the lost, discipling the saved, and providing apologetic resources for everyone